Dear Prof. Dr. Garnik Tatyana,
Dear Dr. Prodon Igor,

European Ayurveda Medical Association is an umbrella organization of
Ayurvedic doctors` associations throughout Europe based in Vienna.
We were pleased to see Ukraine`s President Poroshenko in Vienna this week
and hope to give some inspiration to Ukraine through our message.

The challenge of medicine in present time is the growing incidence of life
style diseases. They lead to premature disability and early onset need for
care. These are the main health care cost factors in a population that is
getting increasingly older.

Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine that originated in the
Himalayas 3 millennia ago, is an important branch of “Traditional,
Complementary & Alternative Medicine” that is recommended by WHO to be
incorporated into the health care of every country. Ayurvedic medicine in
general, and Maharishi Ayurveda specifically, have time tested and
scientifically proved methodologies to prevent life style diseases to offer.
There are studies showing a marked decrease in cost for hospital and home
care in elderly people through the application of ayurvedic methodologies.

We can only inspire the government and responsible people in Ukraine to take
up the chance to incorporate TCAM, especially Ayurvedic medicine and
Maharishi Ayurveda, to solve the imminent problems of health care.

With sincere regards,
Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger
President, EURAMA

Mit heilsamen Grüßen/With wholesome regards

Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger
Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin
Bahnhofstr. 19
4910 Ried im Innkreis