International Scientific symposium

“Modern theoretical and practical aspects of «The Strategy of development of traditional and non-conventional medicine «introduction to the primary health care”,

November 22, 2019



Association of Specialists in Traditional and Alternative Medicine of Ukraine,

National Scientific Library of Ukraine,

Department of Fundamental Problems of Medicine

The Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine,

Department of Rehabilitation and Alternative Medicine

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National University,

Department of Phytotherapy, Homeopathy and Bioenergo Informational Medicine Higher education institution «Kyiv Medical University»,

Dnipro Medical Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine,

LLC “Research Institute of Informational Medicine”


Dear colleagues!

Organization Committee of International Scientific Symposium «Modern theoretical and practical aspects of «The Strategy of development of traditional and non-conventional medicine» introduction to the primary health care» (further Symposium), is proud to invite you to participate in the scientific event as a speaker or listeners.

The Symposium is included in the “Register of Congresses, Congresses, Symposia, Scientific and Practical Conferences, Scientific Seminars and Plenums”, which will be held in 2019 by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Certificate №182 of July 02, 2018, at the address: large conference hall of the National Scientific Medical Library, 7 Leo Tolstoy St., Kiev.



The purpose of the event is to discuss the current status of the study and implementation of methods of folk and non-traditional medicine (FNM) among other methods in the context of the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) “Strategy for the development of traditional medicine 2014-2023” and the introduction to the most effective and safe FNM methods in primary health care of Ukraine and other world countries.

While the FNM methods are developing successfully in some world countries, in some others including Ukraine, there are difficulties with the introduction to FNM methods in the context of education, medical practice, which requires discussion and making decisions and adapting them to current new conditions.

Therefore, we invite experts to share their experiences, inspiring each other to create decisions and non-standard approaches, guided by the regulatory documents in Ukraine and WHO recommendations.

Within the Symposium, November 22, 2019 individual workshops will be held to explore different FNM directions and methods.



  1. Development of folk (complementary/alternative) medicine in Ukraine and in the world in accordance with the main directions outlined in the WHO Strategy on folk medicine 2014-2023.
  2. Structure of FNM in Ukraine, legal aspects. Scientific and methodological basis for application of FNM methods in the primary health care.
  3. Economic feasibility of applying the FNM methods in economic crisis in Ukraine.
  4. Pharmacognosy and phytotherapy: experience of implementation and application.
  5. Homeopathy: experience of teaching and application in medicine.
  6. Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine: reality and perspectives.
  7. Informational medicine: experience of implementation and application in medicine. Reality and perspectives.
  8. Informational Hygiene and Informational environment in the Modern World: “The Word Heals, The Word Kills.” Psychological and physical “burn-out”.
  9. Restoration of mental and physical health by FNM’s methods for participants and residents of battle zone.
  10. Electro-zone, electro puncture and informational diagnostics: experience of implementation as a screening – a method of diagnostics and control of the effectiveness of treatment in primary healthcare.
  11. Bioresonance therapy: Principles and Perspectives.
  12. Issues of Deontology and Medical Ethics in the field of FNM.
  13. Topical issues and prospects for the activities of NGOs – associations in the protection, preservation and promotion of public health.
  14. The quality, effectiveness and safety of FNM methods in primary care practice.



Complementary/alternative (traditional and alternative medicine, naturopathy) will be discussed at the Symposium:

  • Phytotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Apitherapy
  • Hirudotherapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Traditional detoxification and nutrition systems
  • Informational medicine
  • Bioresonance therapy
  • Microgenerator therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture (reflexology), su jok therapy
  • Traditional systems of diagnostics (pulse, by zones of projection of organs)
  • Electropuncture diagnostics
  • Massage, manual therapy
  • Osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy
  • Healing practices
  • Psychological support of specialists
  • Specialist training
  • Legislation, organizational issues



  • Oral presentation with PowerPoint presentation up to 15 min
  • Company presentation (PowerPoint video or mini presentation) up to 5 min
  • Participant – in person
  • Master class up to 30 min
  • Publication of abstracts, articles
  • Exhibition of products and medical practices



The Symposium will be published in the collection and on the pages of the professional scientific and practical edition “Phytotherapy. Journal”in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to scientific publications.

Abstracts (up to 1 page) and articles (up to 10 pages).



  1. The cost of publication – $100 for 1800 characters (one page).
  2. Organizational contribution – $250.
  3. The cost of participation of legal entities is based on agreement in accordance with the order and approved price list.

Payment receiver: NGO “Association of Specialists in Traditional and Alternative Medicine of Ukraine”, Kyiv tel:+38 (050) 353-03-26

Details: 26001591851 in JSC “RAIFFEISEN BANK AVAL,” Kyiv, MFO 380805

code: 33443640



The application form, abstracts, payment for publication and participation should be sent until October 24, 2019, to:



7 Leo Tolstoy, Kyiv



Ukrainian, English, Russian



Certificates will be given after Symposium or mailed to the address specified in the participant’s questionnaire.

The symposium is included in the “Register of Congresses, Congresses, Symposia, Scientific and Practical Conferences, Scientific Seminars and Plenums” will be held in 2019, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Certificate # 182 dated July 02, 2018


09:00-09:55 – Registration of participants

10:00-10:20 – Opening of the event. Congratulations to the participants

10:20-13:00 – I Plenary

13:00-14:00 – Break.

14:00-17:00 – II Plenary Session

17:00 -18:00 – discussions, adoption of resolution, closing of plenary sittings.


Within the Symposium there will be workshops and an exhibition of goods, methods, tools according to different FNM directions.

Please indicate the subject of presentation or master class in the questionnaire to be included in the program and providing additional space and technical support.



Department of Phytotherapy, Homeopathy and BEIM – (044)560-88-27, Matyushko Nataliya

Parchami Ghazaee Sepideh +38 (066) 217 13 21 (english)

Research Institute of Information Medicine: Golovakha Marina

Viber +38 (050) 351-80-50

Chairman of the Organization Committee – +38 (050) 353 03 26 Garnik Tatyana